About Us

Our company was established in 1980 and its main field of activity is the supply of horeca service equipment, corporate gift design and production.

With its experience and know-how, Kuvarz has never compromised on quality, honesty and disciplined working principles. Our company, which has a work team that is specialized in this field and does its job well, is rapidly progressing towards becoming a leading company in the sector by following the developing technology, marketing and sales methods.

In April 2012, our new project camporselenlogo.com is the website where Kuvarz offers HoReCa product supply, logo printing and customer-oriented solutions. Our company applies permanent color logo, permanent color printing and logo application with etching method on porcelain, glass, ceramic, steel, wood products and surfaces.

In 2014, we realized that some companies demand specially designed glass and porcelain products from us to present as gifts to their customers and employees…Thus, in line with their special demands, we launched kurumsalhediyeci.com and entered the corporate gift sector.

We produce functional, corporate gift products that the people you gift can use in their daily lives, homes and offices and remember you, so your brand will always be in the spotlight.

You tell us what you have in mind, we will blend our design experience and production capability in this field with what you have in mind, and we will come up with a new gift product that fascinates you…With a gift, both you, us and those you gift will be happy…

Since December 2020, we have been serving hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, catering companies with industrial kitchen equipment and desktop service products with our edthoreca.com brand.

Launched in May 2021, fayanskarobaski.com is a website for the promotion and online sales of Kuvarz’s custom printed tiles and tile products. It produces custom printed tiles and tiles suitable for floor and wall use for kitchens, bathrooms, pools, baths, SPA, cafes, restaurants, hotels and architectural projects.

Personalized and project-specific printed tiles are produced using the dimensions and visual materials determined in line with customer demand. Since the prints made on tiles and tiles are baked at 800°C, they are permanently adhered to the ceramic.

While processing quartz, glass and porcelain products; It uses production techniques such as gold and platinum gilding, luster coloring, carved decor, sandblasting (abrasion), glass polishing, crystal stone bonding, decal printing, sablaj.